Man gets fine for hanging his dogs

Are animals representing us as the true nature of ourselves?  Ever wonder what the animal who is abused and/or killed would say to you, if every living being treated as such were granted the right to say something to their abuser immediately after the abuse and or death?  That’s what I’ve been asking myself after reading the article posted below.  A 60 year old George man was found guilty of animal cruelty after he hanged his two dogs in the bush.  There was even a witness who came forth after the man was arrested saying he saw the man dragging the two dogs into the bush on ropes.  When authorities arrived they found the dogs hanging from two trees.  The man claims he was not aware that it was a crime to kill his dogs.?.?  His defense was that the dogs ate his chickens. He was fined R1 500 or three months imprisonment on Monday.

I’m not buying that he was as dumb as he was letting on to be.  How is it that we must be governed in order to understand the nature of our consequences when acted out within and as our physical actions which are brought forth from our secret mind in which we then act as through feeling and emotional energy charges?? Resulting in the abuse and suffering of another living being.

Maybe his two dead dogs would say to him that they were just acting in the same manner as him, when he kills, deep fries and eats his chickens… Maybe they would say, that our act of abusing/killing them is the same as abusing/killing ourself.  Would we stop then, and take Self-Responsibility for All life here – if we knew for sure that they were existing and acting according to and as the representation of and as the nature of man.  Maybe they would remind us once again to Stop accepting and supporting our  ‘Current Money System’ of abuse, and how the system just controlled us yet again, to slay another living being through and as our own ‘fear of survival’, and again, is charging us for our participation as existing as such, the very nature of money – which humanity has become…

Stop and Breathe and Forgive Yourself.  Stop abuse as the very nature of who we are…

Support an Equal Money System and Support All Life here Equally

Animal Poisoning on the Rise

Man gets fine for hanging his dogs

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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