These two guys, I’ll refer to them as J and K, walk into a bar for a few drinks and dancing. One of them is 28 years old, he’s my husbands nephew. They both down a few shots and have a few beers and they haven’t been there very long when K tells J he’s going outside for some fresh air and J decides he’ll go to. So they walk out the front door at the same time…..and that’s all either of them remember…
When J woke up he was wearing a neck brace and hooked to a ventilator. When K woke up he to was in the local hospital in ICU. Their still there.  Witnesses say the two walked out the front door of the bar and then at the same time, both fell to the ground unconscious. Those who saw them said they must have had something slipped in their drink for such a odd happening to occur… But in fact they had not.  They both suffered from alcohol poisoning.
According to BAC stats:  .08-.10 blood alcohol level is considered legally drunk – both of theirs was .20 %…They survived, this time.
According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) – There are approximately 79,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use each year, and that’s only in the United States.  This makes excessive alcohol use the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death for the nation.  Additionally, excessive alcohol use is responsible for 2.3 million years of potential life lost annually, or an average of about 30 years of potential life lost for each death.  In the single year 2005, there were more than 1.6 million hospitalizations  and more than 4 million emergency room visits for alcohol-related conditions.  Reports read that Alcohol poisoning is rapidly increasing so much so that there are no current varifiable statistics other than the above stated…Ask yourself honestly why this shit is still legal…

Alcohol Demons…

WTF?? This was posted on the now popular website:

“beer beer the wonderful drink the more you drink the less you think the less you think the more you jive so come on every one drink and drive”

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Daily Interdimensional Diary:
09 October 2008

God of Man – The Physical: Part Three

In changing the Money System – we change all else.

For at the moment within the current money-system, which has become a system in itself within and as which all are enslaved, even the creators of the current money-system that has designed the money-system as a closed-controlled-system, operates according to those that have ‘the most/all’ or stand as a ‘head’ or ‘principle’ of the money-system or sections through and within which the money-system operates; that if you have money, everyone listens, because you have and stand as that which represents power and control in this world at the moment. Which is money.

And have a look: If you have money and more than enough of it, all principles disappear.

Endowed by the ‘hand of god as god,’ though having such money, comes with its ‘price.’ The consequence of existing as fear of losing it all. It is within this fear and because of this fear that all principles disappear.

Because the being’s life revolves around the surety of ensuring that the money that they have remains in their hands. Money possesses the being through the fear of losing it, as they have sold themselves to god. To have the money they desire, in becoming the possessed by money itself through fear of losing it. They are taken. Consumed by the beast itself as god, lost and caught in the satisfactory turmoil of both having money and the fear of losing it.

All are possessed by money, through money to a certain degree as those that desire to have it or more. Those that already know it’s impossible for them to have it in this life, continue dreaming and wishing within their imagination of mind as how it could’ve been; the categorical representation of the ‘elite’ of the world, the ‘middle-class’ of the world and those that strive under the curse of poverty in this world.

It’s fascinating. No matter how much money a beings has, no matter in which categorical-placement they exist in this world, there is seemingly just never enough due to the money-system simply not being able to handle (due to the flaw in its design), so many people in this world.

Another interesting point:

I have observed an interesting definition human beings exist within; of ‘gratitude’ and ‘gratefulness’ – which has actually become the lived expression of ‘self-gratification’ within the starting point of self-interest.

I have especially noted this in religion and spirituality, wherein prayer and worship are projected unto the ‘greater-one’ they have committed faith and belief within, declaring statements of ‘thank’ as ‘gratefulness’ according to ‘what they have,’ believing it to be ‘the greater one’ providing it and ‘blessing’ them with it because of their commitment to this ‘entity.’

Worshipping or honouring a ‘god’ or ‘entity.’ – expressing ‘gratefulness’ for the materialistic environment they exist within, related to and defined as ‘what they have’ and others don’t.

Though as this ‘thanking’ process ensues, the ‘expressed gratitude’ is spoken, what is actually ‘behind it all,’ what is actually ‘behind what is said,’ is the following:

The beings are so afraid of having to experience starvation or poverty that reigns the lands of the world that ‘thanksgiving’ as ‘expressed gratefulness,’ is actually done as fear itself. The expressed ‘thanks’ as ‘gratefulness,’ is done as fear of losing what they have now; actually asking and pleading behind the vigorous prayers and worship: ‘To not take away what I have now,’ with the intensity of belief and faith, exists to honour the ‘greater-one.’ To continue providing for them so that they don’t end up with nothing, ostracized by the system, by god. Thinking that commitment to belief and faith will ‘save them’ from their fears of losing all that they have or not ‘having enough’ to survive in this world, fear hiding behind their prayers and worship of thanks as gratefulness. The ‘thanks’ as ‘gratefulness’ actually stating, ”Thank god I’m not starving or have nothing. I will dedicate myself to ‘the greater one’ to ensure it remains this way.’ Self interest.

And if you observe most beings that ‘follow religion,’ the ‘followers’ of religion, they don’t have much money and most struggle because they’re actually manifesting and existing as their fear of ‘not having enough’ or ‘none at all’ within their very starting point as the reason of their prayers and worship, dedication and commitment. –Again, the source of it all: Money.

The serpent has already deceived all. Bitten by the snake and poisoned by its venom, the snake that is ‘god’ itself; presented as one of its systems, it exists as of this world, of itself as the money-system. Malicious and vile this ‘god’ is; that it will transform itself into anything as anything, to have you in its grasp. Biting you with the desire of money, and poisoning you with the possession of yourself thereof. Where all you consist of and exist as is possessed by and through money; becoming the very evil all so mightily fear, yet deliberately ignore or deny; through fear of being exposed for what they are: Self-abdicated, self-defeated fools. Existing only for self-gratification in the light of self-interest. Attempting to hide the darkness that that is actually immersed within the depths of themselves.

Let’s observe another religion: Alcohol – those who religiously worship this entity and praise its existence – honouring it through constant drink and party. But another system of god as god itself as the system of this reality:

Why is such a toxin as destructive as alcohol be so abundantly produced and readily available to all that so diligently consume, more destructive that ecstasy and marijuana, for example?

It brings out and strengthens the manifested accepted and allowed lived-existence of beings as self-defeat. Wherein for a moment – where they’re existing in and as a euphoric experience, apparently ‘real’ and ‘tangible’ – when all is tough in themselves and their world, struggling with inner and outer conflicting situations, events or experiences – and for this moment of chemically-induced euphoria – all is ‘forgotten’ – but the moment the chemical/toxin dissipate, along with the mind-imaginative induced euphoric experience that seemed so real! – they are hit with reality once again.

And reality as what is real that is faced always, seems to be getting worse and worse and worse the more the induced-euphoria is entered and existed. And the more and more and more the being yearns for the experience of euphoria but for a moment. And the more they continue with the uplifting experience of euphoria, and fall down hard, face first – seeing directly into their ass as what is real as this reality hits them.

Within this cycle, the manifested principle to which they abide and exists as, as manifested self-defeat proliferates. Because the harder and tougher it gets to exist in this reality, and the more they ‘give into’ the system, as the pull of struggle to exist in this reality, is so intense, that it becomes so much more easier to abdicate themselves to and as the system. To ‘just make their struggle in this world with themselves’ so much easier.

Because in the very accepted and allowed act of drinking alcohol actively – to enter that euphoric experience – is the very act of self-defeat stating: I am just not capable of changing myself, the system has me, god has me using alcohol to hide in the self-smeared face of the truth of reality, one’s world, both within and without. Declaring abdication of self-responsibility due to self being defeated by the system. Only proliferating and intensifying this self-defeat, within the attempted hiding place of euphoria induced by the temptation that is alcohol – the serpents deception – poisoning self within and through the accepted and allowed existence of self-defeat.

The more the being give into this temptation – the more they live the statement of themselves as self-defeat – over and over and over declaring to themselves: I can’t change – I am at the mercy of the system, of god itself – abdicating self as self-responsibility.

Therefore realize: That if you’re not one and equal with ‘god’ the ‘system’, this reality as the physical – you will destroy yourself and be destroyed.

You will be destroyed by and through that which you are not standing one and equal with of the system, of god, this reality as the physical. Because you’re in this very acceptance and allowance stating that that which you are not willing to stand one and equal with. It is more than you, and thus existing in fear of it. And you as that which you’re unwilling to stand one and equal with of and as yourself as god, the system this reality as the physical, will prove you to you by and through manifesting the exact fear and showing to you that its more than you; because this is what you’re living as yourself.

Therefore, if you’re not willing to be as ‘god’ the ‘system’ as yourself here in totality – one and equal – how can you possibly self-direct you in your world as your world here? For in and as the very points as how god, the system, this reality operates. That you’re not willing to do or be or stand as one and equal here. Where you are the directive principle as that within the starting point as yourself as all as one as equal – you will be manipulated and controlled within and through such points – still but a slave.

Therefore, it is to stand absolute as god, the system, this reality. as the physical here one and equal To get to know and understand how god, the system operates exactly. To be and become as specific and diligent within self-directive self-discipline – one and equal as the system, As ‘god’ as it exists and operates and how – herein, you will have the ability to be self-directive as ‘god’, the ‘system’ – exactly as ‘god’ the ‘system’ – the only ‘difference, ‘ your starting point.

No more being a slave – but standing as ‘god’, the ‘system’ itself, within the self-directive absolute specified expression here, as all as one as equal as life herein, the only difference between the current manifested physical god, the system as this reality as the physical – and yourself as god, the system – the starting point will no more be of and as only self-interest – but as all as one as equal as life here.

Therefore – we must stand one and equal as ‘god’, the ‘system’ as what it currently exist as and how it operates within the starting point of self as all as one as equal here.–Anything less than that or of hidden agenda – you will simply destroy and fuck yourself.

Even Anu himself wasn’t aware and didn’t realise that his own creation fucked him. Realise, that if you do not stand as the exactness and specificity and disciplined diligence of your creation as your creation as what it consist of and exist as, all of it as it precisely to the tee – such as the mind as an example, it will fuck with you, because in the very act of such accepted and allowed separation from your own creation, you are giving it the power to exist as more than you, and in this action – giving it the power to be – what you cannot conceive yourself to be Thus give it the ‘life’ to develop and evolve in itself for itself by itself – to be all that you believe yourself not to be.

A simple example being computer-memory; wherein we cannot conceive ourselves having the ability to have such memory as the computer. The computer a creation of ourselves as ourselves, which we have deemed ‘god’ over and of us. As many human beings of this world solely rely on the computer for their existence in this world .As all and most businesses are driven through and by and as the computer. Herein how we’ve separated ourselves from systems. Surely, if such a creation came of us – then the very operation as how the computer exists and all that it consists of – must exist within and as us here in the physical. See the extent to which we’ve separated ourselves from ourselves? All that exists here in the world, this reality that is us directly reflects that which we believe we’re not capable of being or expressing in all forms and manifestations, deeming what we create and manifest to be ‘more than’ and in this experiencing just that; such as the computer itself.

No different to Anu’s experience. He created and designed in his image and likeness, marveling at the greatness of his own creation that he designed. And in this marvel – honoured something as a design, a system to be more than himself; giving it the power, the authority to be the god of him within the very accepted and allowed act of separation, making what he created and designed as a system – to be more than him – and you always prove you to yourself – his creation, his design – doing just this – proving that it is ‘god’.

No different to a human being in relationship with their mind. No different to a human being in relationship to this reality and how it operates as all that exists within and of it that has become the god of man: the physical, this reality. The system both within and without.

Human beings have made all of this reality and what exist within it more than themselves: The physical, the universe, nature, past history, as scientists, archaeologists and biologists investigate what is here and explore what is here as though it’s some great mystery to be resolved. The money-system, the education-system, laws, rules, regulation according to which it moves and operates, viruses, illness, disease, governments, medical-industries – and the list goes on – controlled and overpowered by and as everything of this reality as this reality, god, the physical the system within which you exist.

Understand that the only chance a being has to self-realise and stop the god, the system that we have become both within and without – is right here. In the flesh. As the physical is that which is ourselves manifest as god, the system – within which we absolutely directly face ourselves as we are and how we are in and as all our presumed greatness – as visceral disgust and shame.

The system fears anything that stands equal to it. The systems fear anyone or anything of that which threatens its existence, because the system knows that the moment a being would dare to stand one and equal as it, as god, this reality, the physical – such a being will no more be a slave, but stand one and equal as its creation, and be the directive principle.

And this ‘god’, the ‘system’ can only exist, if slaves exist. That within and through their very existence in and as the physical, the very self-definition they live here in the physical as that of slaves through accepted and allowed self-defeat, abdicating self to self’s own creation to be ‘more than,’ manifesting one’s own creation as ‘god,’ is the only way ‘god’ can exist and maintain and continue its existence as is.

Therefore, if you do not walk absolutely one and equal as the system, god, this reality in and as the physical here, you will make no difference as all, but continue experiencing the throttling nature of god, the system, as you at those points that you’re not one and equal as – suffocate yourself because of accepted and allowed separation; wherein through self-defeat = the system. ‘God’ wins – and defeats you.

Ensure that your self-discipline becomes as specific as the discipline of ‘god,’ the ‘system.’ Be discipline in expression here in the physical. A simple example to start becoming one and equal with yourself, as ‘god,’ the system that has overtaken the physical, so that you can stand here absolutely.

Be here in and as breath only. Because realise, you only have power where you are, which is HERE. And nowhere else, as you can only effectively, specifically in absolute certainty ‘work with,’ direct, express, move – as that which is HERE as every moment of breath. Anything ‘more’ manifests ego and god consciousness, by wanting to ‘do more’ than what is HERE as you in and as every moment of breath.

Therefore – walk, every moment of breath in absolutely specificity as yourself. Direct effectively and diligently what is HERE only as yourself, in and as every moment of breath. For it is within the seemingly ‘small’ that the greater change.

For have a look: It is in the seemingly ‘small insignificant things’ that human beings currently participate as ‘seemingly ordinary human behavior’ such as drinking alcohol, having sex, desiring a family, getting it and procreating. Working for money in a job. Thinking, participating in reactions of mind. Each one as they exist in this world and the starting point of that existence which they live in the physical, is manifesting and creating and ensuring the continuation of the existence of the system, god, this reality, the physical. That is, themselves. That is, the result of the cause and consequence that is each one of this existence, through accepted and allowed separation, transforming what we create and created. To be ‘more than,’ manifesting our own demise as ‘god,’ the system, the physical as this reality.

There are many ‘small points’ together, manifesting in and as the system as ‘one movement’ as ‘one system’ is orchestrated through each one playing their individual instrument. Playing their instrument as living in the physical that which they have defined themselves through separation as manifested self-defeat expressing only self-interest

Now we’re in the process of being and becoming the entire orchestra; the instruments and the sound. One and equal here, as we assist and support ourselves through only living HERE in and as every moment of breath: doing, expressing, moving, directing, changing, transforming only what is HERE in every moment of breath. No more ‘individuals’ playing an instrument creating in ignorance an orchestrated fuck-up that is god, the system, this reality. The physical in and as which we exist.

And therefore, in walking as absolute self-disciplined specificity, for example, here as breath, you reconstruct yourself here. Only in the moment as every moment of breath that you direct, change, and transform yourself : laying the bricks of the foundation as you that you are ‘building’ within and as the expressed starting point as self honesty, and at the same time, de-constructing the system of programmed constructs that has existed for you. As you ‘build’ and stand for yourself by yourself as yourself here in self honesty, one and equal with and as all.

The system, as god as the physical, this reality – exists because of the participation in the ‘small things.’ It is through the ‘small’ that ‘connects together’ to form and manifest the existence of the ‘unified god.’ Therefore, stand up HERE. Act, express, move, direct, transcend, change, transform yourself HERE as only what is HERE as the moment as breath. That’s it. You ‘disconnect’ the connection of yourself to the ‘unified god’ that you’ve separated yourself towards to grant it its existence through participating in the ‘small things,’ and begin the process of standing one and equal with yourself as it HERE as all as one as equal HERE.

And as each one walks their process here absolutely as here as the moment as breath, – there may seem as seemingly ‘loose-standings.’ But stand equal and one here in and as this expressed application together – and we compound this manifested expression here in and as the physical. And we walk. Until its done.

Realise – to do this and support life that is who you really are here – you must be self-honest. And no doubt whatsoever can exist. For a system does not doubt. Doubt; the accepted and allowed expression of something being ‘more than,’ and herein accepted and allowed doubt you’re already abdicating all of you to the system.

Establish self-certainty here as you, through establishing self-trust as you. For in absolute self-trust, no doubt can possibly exist.

Self-trust can only exist if you actually live, express and apply the words you speak through self forgiveness as self forgiveness as yourself. Literally living practically here in the physical = actual self forgiveness, wherein you literally, in the physical, change you.

For if self forgiveness is applied and no actual practical physical expressed change exists, your self forgiveness is invalidated by you, yourself; invalidating you, yourself , and only making your own process of trusting you here all the more difficult and harder.

Suggest to not fuck with your own self-trust by not practically living the change as you as expressed through self-forgiveness.

Discipline yourself. To live the self forgiveness you speak and practically change yourself in and as your living expression here. Wherein your words that you speak and what you live stand one and equal here.

This is the conclusion of the frame-work for the document ‘God of Man – The Physical’ – to give a perspective of what we’re facing as ourselves as the physical that has become our god that is ourselves in fact. And some perspectives of the expression self must be willing to stand as and will self to stand as here to get this done. To reclaim ourselves so to speak, and stand one and equal here as all as life as who we really are.

Within the next parts – we’ll proceed into the more detailed self-assistance and self-support practical applications – with regards to how to assist and support self in this reality while assisting and supporting self to stand one and equal here as life and assist and support others as self. To self-realise the common sense of it all as well.

Part Four to continue…

Bruce L.

Beer Guzzling Demon Ends up Dead

Demonology – Revealing the World of Demons

Stop supporting alcohol.    Stop supporting our Current Money System.

Support an Equal Money System

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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  1. Here in The Netherlands they are in the process of establishing special wards in hospitals for juveniles with alcohol poisoning. This is an increasing problem over here as in the rest of the world. We’re talking about kids here 12, 13, 14 years of age…

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