Just Say No to Wal-Mart’s New 2X2 Matrix Plan – Support Equal Money Instead

MPBToday In Partnering With Retail Giant WalMart is Poised to Expand It’s Nation Wide Home Delivery Grocery Service: (A Projected $85 billion dollar Industry)

Hang on to your pocketbooks. Wal-Mart doesn’t think they produce enough slave labor apparently.  Just have a look at the cover of Wal-Mart’s 2004 annual report and you’ll know why the company is facing trouble unlike any it has had to handle before. The legal challenges confronting the company is making the blood sucking retailer expend energy on repositioning their image.  Just say No, and read the facts.


**According to the December 24, 1992 New York Times report revealed Wal-Mart stores sweatshop management displayed clothes manufactured in the Far East under “Made in the USA” signs and a Chinese manufacturer of Wal-Mart’s was mislabeling products to avoid import quotas as well as the exploitation of underage, underpaid and abused working conditions. And, they’re still at it.

**Wal-Mart and its managers gave more than $2 million to federal candidates in the last U.S. electoral cycle, more than any oil company, and almost triple the level the company donated in the 2000 elections. The company faces a class action lawsuit on behalf of 1.6 million women workers, alleging rampant employment discrimination at Wal-Mart. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has announced plans to spend $25 million a year with the ultimate goal of unionizing Wal-Mart, the largest private U.S. employer.

**The company takes in more than one in five dollars spent nationally on food sales, and market researcher Retail Forward predicts Wal-Mart will control more than a third of food store industry sales, as well as a quarter of the drug store industry

**The company’s business model has relied on new innovations in inventory management, focusing on ignored markets (low-income shoppers in rural areas and squeezing suppliers to lower their margins. But it has also relied centrally on undercompensating employees and externalizing costs on to society.

**A February 2004 report issued by Representative George Miller, D-California, encapsulated the ways that Wal-Mart squeezes and cheats its employees, among them: blocking union organizing efforts, paying employees an average $8.23 an hour (as compared to more than $10 for an average supermarket worker), allegedly extracting off-the-clock work, and providing inadequate and unaffordable health care packages.

**Miller’s report’s innovation was in documenting how Wal-Mart’s low wages and inadequate benefits not only hurt workers directly, but impose costs on taxpayers. The report estimated that one 200-person Wal-Mart store may result in a cost to federal taxpayers of $420,750 per year — about $2,103 per employee.

What is WalMart’s newest plan??

Gives new meaning to the term ‘killer deals’

They’re seeking more by offering you cash and groceries for your lifetime commitment (basically) to purchase all your needs through them.  They’ll even deliver the goods to your door. Oh, and another part of the deal offers you incentive (money) to sell their ‘money sucking idea’ to others.  Just say No!

MPBToday News

MPBToday is a subsidiary of SoutheasternGroceries.com (a home grocery delivery Service based out of Pensacola, Florida). With a view towards supporting the projected $85 billion dollar Grocery Delivery Service in the next five to ten years, the company plans to span the landscape of the US to provide a nation wide home grocery delivery service to a designated 70 million baby boomers and an already existing aging population who consider grocery shopping to be the second least favorite household chore.

MPBToday is already 50,000 members strong with a combined membership of reps who can purchase a one-time grocery voucher for only $210 and an ever growing list of customers who receive groceries delivered to their door.

With the purchase of this voucher, (a one-time-investment), a rep has the potential of earning $500 ($300 in cash and a $200 gift card from WalMart) when they cycle in what is called a 2X2 Matrix.   <——————warning!!

Here is how it works. When you’re shopping in your local grocery store and the manager invites you to make a one time purchase of $210 and then tells you that if you refer 2 people to make the same one time purchase, and they in turn refer 2 people as well, you will receive a check for $300 in cash and a $200 gift card from WalMart. For every 6 additional people who make the one time $210 purchase, from the referrals of the original 6, you will get paid an additional $300 in cash and receive a $200 gift card from WalMart.

The company web site, along with a variety of 3rd party landing pages and marketing systems, makes it easy for reps to introduce this revolutionary concept to friends, family and new prospects: who in today’s economy, are very eager to forge new employment opportunities with the current scarcity of jobs. However, there are literally thousands of reps who are introducing this program ‘belly to belly’ or do so by hosting home parties where they share one or two short video presentations which often includes a video that explains the company’s simple yet generous pay plan.

In addition to the $300 and the WalMart Gift Card that reps receive upon cycling, the company also offers bonus incentives that increase with the repetition of cycling.

As the company expands nationally with local distribution centers that support its home grocery delivery service, a third source of income which MPBToday calls Phase 3, is a projected commission that reps will receive when customers order. The company is projecting a 5% commission on every grocery order to its reps. A recent study has revealed that the average family spends approximately $500 a month for groceries. Based on this scenario, a rep can derive an approximate commission of $25 per month from every family who spends $500.0 on the purchase of their groceries. Multiply that times 100 or 1000 customers, and one begins to see the income potential. If a rep has signed up 100 families as customers, this translates into $2,500 per month. 500 families = $15,000 per month.

Just say No. It’s easy, just walk away. The price you pay will not be worth a dime in service as they attempt to employ your mind, while they’re robbing you  broke. If you’ve somehow forsaken your experience when shopping in their stores – then go there just once more, you’ll quickly remember your nightmarish experience of shopping at your local neighborrobbing Wal-Mart.

There is only One Solution –  An Equal Money System

Click Here to Support Equal Money

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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