CrimeWatch In My Neighborhood: Facebook threats result in arrest of Terlton man

PAWNEE – A Terlton man was arrested Thursday on allegations that he sent threatening Facebook messages to a woman with whom he went to high school 15 years ago.

Allegedly the man arrested said to a friend in a Facebook message that he was obsessed with her, describing an incident when he followed her car into the woods. The message continued, “I could have chopped you up. Nobody ever would have known. I could have slit your throat. And drank your blood.”
The message then becomes increasingly sexually graphic and violent.

The woman said she remembers a time in high school when Taylor picked her up when her car broke down, but that was 15 years ago.  In addition, an ongoing investigation is being conducted involving Taylor for the crime of conspiracy to commit murder.


*Note: If you or anyone you know is still thinking about someone from 15 years ago, or even from yesterday, please suggest to them following:

Dark Demonic Secrets within us all…

Demonology – Revealing the World of Demons







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