Mannford Police: Three Young Brothers Helped Father Make Meth

In the nearby town, 16 miles from where I live – a local man is arrested for manufacturing meth and child endangerment complaints.  The police say that the man had just finished cooking some meth when they arrived. The man’s son’s are 10, 14, and 17 and are now at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services where they’ll more than likely be split up into different foster homes.  All three sons said they regularly helped their father cook the meth he’s been selling, for at least a year. Police say the man rewarded his three sons with meth and marijuana when they helped him cook meth in his home.  The two older sons tested positive for meth and marijuana.  The 10-year-old said he had just smoked some marijuana but had not used meth for about a week. He also is quoted saying;  “I help daddy the most by shaking the bottles and after we get done daddy puts the powder in a glass tube and holds a lighter under the tube while I suck on the tube. We didn’t feel like it was wrong, it’s just how we were brought up and it’s an activity that we do, and it really isn’t anything out of the ordinary to us.”  The local police were quoted saying, ‘the father is remorseful’, and offered the advice that, ‘a father should take their children fishing or to ride horses, but not cook meth’.

I do not condone this type of abusive behavior, and I’ve personally witnessed the harm that using meth will have upon families.  However, the local newspaper and tv stations reporting this story failed to point out the obvious common sense fact, which is that people are hurting for money.  That our ‘Current Money System’ is the real culprit here, because there are few jobs to be had at the moment. This sort of abuse and worse is occurring all over the world.

I have researched statistics of meth use, and I know that for a few hours a week with steady customers a small town dealer of meth can easily bring in $400 – $500 a week.  And that’s because he will have regular local users and buyers. Obviously, that’s also if he keeps a level head to not become hooked on the product. In my research, I read a story about a 25 year old meth dealer in a small southwestern town in Ontario, where he made as much as $10,000 a month according to the following prices and these are from 3 years ago.

1/4 gram = $30
1 gram = $120
1/8 ounce = $260
1 ounce = $1500

With no support from our ‘Current Money System’ – people will, and are resorting to whatever it takes to provide for themselves and their family. Unfortunately, along the way many become addicted to and die because of their accepted and allowed behaviors, all while existing within the fear of survival game of money.  An ‘Equal Money System’ will completely change how people coexist here together, because it will take away our fear of survival…  The truth is, we’re all guilty of child endangerment, because we continue to accept and allow poverty and starvation to exist all over the world… We’ve already became our own worst accusations and judgments of each other as we continue to support our ‘Current Money System’ – which does not support all life Equally. Stop.  Stand up in support of an ‘Equal Money System’ – end all abuse…

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About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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