Children watch in horror as marksmen round up escaped cows in field next to hospital… and shoot them all

As the world watches Japan’s devastating Tsunami and Nuclear crisis there are plenty who are also suffering – even if their fate seem small in comparison, they matter the same as us all.  If you were just taking a stroll on a nearby field, would you expect to be shot and killed? Would you want your story to be told and seen and stopped? I will gladly be their voice…The silent suffering matters…

DailyMail -7:59 PM on 14th March 2011: Children screamed in horror as a herd of 30 cows were shot dead after they escaped from a nearby field.  The group of youngsters- some aged just eight – were playing outside close to their homes when the animals were slaughtered. The cows escaped from farmland in Chirk, North Wales early on Friday morning last week and had wandered into gardens on a housing estate. Last night council officers said the decision to kill the cows was taken to avoid further distress and suffering to the animals.

A resident, Edward Jones, commented: “How can shooting the cows dead where they stood avoid further distress and suffering? To slaughter 30 healthy cows – simply because they had escaped from a field is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of.  There were children in the area and they had seen the cows in the field but the next thing they saw they were shot and their bodies loaded onto wagons. Children were screaming and in tears because they had gone to see the cows in the field and then we heard shots ringing out. It was horrific. One shot after another sounded and some of the youngsters were hysterical and traumatized by it.  There were discussions between the council, the Welsh Assembly Government and the animal welfare agency and it was decided the animals would have to be put down on welfare grounds.”

Children realise the senselessness. When will we realise that the life of every living being deserves to be lived in dignity. An Equal Money System is the perfect solution because with an Equal Money System – All life will be considered Equal and One with all Life Here – Disregarding of life will stop… No exceptions…Stop examples of ignorance of mind to children and decisions to bring terror upon living beings.

Support an Equal Money System – Support all Life

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About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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