The role of The Accomplice in our Current Money System

The abuse within our current money system is really very easy to recognize. Yet many choose not to look any further than their immediate surroundings and so they continue to support a system that they are actually being used and abused by.  When one begins to share about how many are starving and living on $2 a day or less, and/or are starving to death, most will simply stop hearing. When you mention the young men and women who are forced into prostitution as a way of providing for themselves – again, most will simply stop hearing.  However, as we work daily to provide for ourself and our families, the abuse of our current money system and its effects upon us can be recognized and we have no further to look than to ourselves and our daily routines.  How is this?  We simply don’t recognize ourselves as the accomplice acting in accordance to the rules of the game = our current money system. Yet, every time we punch a time clock so that we can receive a paycheck to feed and provide for ourselves and our families, we’re an accomplice.  An accomplice by definition is one who knowingly assists another in a crime, yet, often the accomplice will unknowingly assist in a crime – or so they say.  The truth is, we all act as an accomplice to our current money system. We may not realize it, but that’s because we’ve never considered the facts as they lay before us. The following is a simple example of what recently occurred to someone I know whose name I’m not going to reveal – I will refer to her as Peyton, a real example that can assist one to look closer at how we have all become an accomplice in supporting the abuse within our current money system.

Peyton is a 30 year old single mom with 2 young children who works at a casino as a waitress, she depends on tips from the customers in order to provide for her and her family. Peyton is considered very attractive, and she dresses according to the required dress code, which is revealing of her breasts as well as the rest of her body.  She has a role to play to earn her living. She has many regular men customers who tip her very well as she sees that they are never without a drink in hand and she gives them much attention. One particular man, who I’ll call Charles has been a regular customer at the casino and has tipped Peyton extremely well for many months. He is 65, married and has a family. He is also the Vice President for a large corporation.  A few days ago Charles asked Peyton if she would meet him for a late/early breakfast because he had a job offer he thought she might be interested in. Peyton knew that his assistant had just retired and since he was the Vice President she was sure that he was going to offer her the job. She agreed to meet him and they begin to talk and he tells her that he has a job offer for her where she can quit her current job and still make more money than she has ever made. He then says that, in fact, she won’t even have to work because all he wants is for her to have sex with him whenever he desires and that he will pay all her bills and provide her with an income that will make her current income seem like pennies.  Peyton is shocked, she is disappointed and angry. She says her ‘feelings’ were hurt and she tells him so as she’s leaving.  Peyton can’t stop ‘thinking’ about her disappointment and the more she ‘thinks’ about his offer the more angry she becomes and after she speaks to a few of her friends – she calls his employer and reports him and his proposition.  She said that he must face his ‘karma’.

It is easy to see how our current money system is involved here in using them both as an accomplice in continuing to support its abuse.  Peyton believes she has been mentally abused and therefore seeks to right a wrong. When really, she’s just angry and disappointed that she has to continue to flirt and cater to men in order to support her family. She’s really angry at herself as well as our current capitalistic monetary system of abuse – however, she’s overcome within energetic feelings and being directed by her mind of thoughts and her emotions, therefore she doesn’t consider looking within herself to see her responsibility and the part she played in creating the whole circumstance. She only wants Charles to face his consequences. She’s not considering the consequences she herself will cause and/or face upon herself and/or others as she became a living example of revenge as she acted within the energetic outflow of her reactions.  She didn’t consider all within the Equality Equation of and as all life in her decision – thus, there are consequences to be faced.

I’m not approving of the offer that Charles made, however, his money and his position within the company he works for gave him the balls to make the offer that more than likely, any man would make, if given the opportunity. He is acting in behalf of and as an accomplice of our current money system. Because our current money system keeps us distracted, unequal, and at war with each other. Thus, until we manifest a drastic and/or deadly consequence for our actions we won’t even see the role of accomplice we exist as, as we continue to support a system of abuse.

This example is minor compared to the deadly consequences our current money system allows all over the world.  Consider, we are a World at War because we exist at war to and towards each other daily with little to no consideration of how – We are Manifesting consequences in every moment that we breathe.

Support an Equal Money System – Stop Abuse within our World
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I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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