As Sex brothel networks spread across the country – Investigate the Solution

There’s this whole sex trafficking network that exists in the United States, as well as around the World.  It predominately targets and victimizes women and children from Latin American countries. It may be happening right next door to you. How this works is usually the traffickers’ find some sort of house or apartment in which they rent because they know that they’re not going to be there for a long time so they throw mattresses on the floor, they put up some make shift  plywood walls and they board up the windows.  They then advertise by word of mouth and they print up business cards in which they hand out all over the community. They particularly target men who are buying sex who are Latino as the potential johns. They get a door man and they have some sort of code word as well as have street guys on the look out. They then bring in women and children, which in the United States, they’ve mostly recruited from Latin America.  Mostly women in their early to mid 20′s. These women and girls have been targeted for their vulnerability, their lack of money to provide for themselves.  These are premeditated crimes specifically targeted with promise of love, marriage and money, which brings them here willingly because they are sold a dream.

In the United States, once the girls and women are under the traffickers’ control, they are moved from one brothel to another in rapid succession, rarely spending more than one or two weeks in one place. The rotations prevent disoriented victims from establishing roots or escaping, and keep faces fresh for customers.  Within the brothel, usually a typical house or apartment, a unique accounting strategy uses tokens such as poker chips and/or marbles, which are purchased by the ‘johns’ and given as proof of purchase to the women and girls to keep track of how many men have visited them.  A token, which costs $30 in the majority of cases, buys 15 minutes of sex in a sparse bedroom.  One victim reported that she was forced to have sex with 55 men in one day.  The victims of these crimes share stories which are unimaginable.

As brothel networks spread across the country, the practices became more uniform and the profits grew. In 1998, a network of six brothels across Florida was raided, leading to 16 indictments.  Authorities have said the ring trafficked girls as young as 13 from Vera Cruz, Mexico, and netted up to $2.5 million in two years.  These networks are devaluing life to such an extent in the name of money, to turn young girls into nothing more than a means of making money, a way of generating profit.

There is a Solution – the Solution is an Equal Money System.  When you support an Equal Money System, you are assisting in stopping the abuse of these types of crimes, and there are plenty more crimes in the name of money.  Investigate the Solution.

Support all Life Equally.  Stop the abuse.  Allow all living beings to live a life in dignity.

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About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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