No Mercy – Calf Farm Cruelty Exposed

This story was difficult to write about because it’s difficult to see.  I stumbled upon it on You Tube,  and I knew that I must reveal these little guys story. As I watched the video, I witnessed how my breath became labored and my heart began racing – I had thoughts of, ‘look away, you don’t have to watch this’.  So I stopped. I breathed and I watched.  I applied self-forgiveness as my mind was attempting to stop me from seeing what I have accepted and allowed to exist within this world. I knew within me, that I stumbled myself upon it to assist myself, as well as the calves who were beaten and tortured so that I can fully see, and apply myself in self-forgiveness and self-honesty. To assist myself as all as one as equal so as to bring an end to the atrocity in how Living beings are experiencing themselves here.

In assisting myself to face myself and stop – I assist others as me to face themselves and stop.  If one living being must suffer – then the least I can do is see their pain and suffering and Stand up and become self-responsible for all life by standing in Support of an Equal Money System.  There are so many who suffer daily.  And, It’s All about MONEY...  Not because ‘money’ is responsible – but because, we are ‘irresponsible’, greedy and egotistically slave driven by corporations and governments while we compete and torture each other and many helpless victims, because we won’t stop ourselves from participating…

Investigate and you will find the money trail. Investigate for yourself in self-honesty, what it is that you are accepting and allowing – because if you exist in this world, and walk this earth, then you are Equally as Responsible as the one I/You/WE call the abusers. 

Join ‘Desteni I Process’, where you receive remarkable assistance to assist yourself in understanding how, I/You/We, are All Equally Responsible.

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Support Equal Money Here – Stop allowing abuse – Support All Living Beings a Life of Dignity

19 April 2011 – Hart, Tx – A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation provides a horrifying look into E6 Cattle Co. in Hart, Texas.   E6 Cattle rears calves for use on dairy farms, confining approximately 10,000 calves and subjecting them to lives of prolonged neglect and misery. For over two weeks in March of 2011, an MFA undercover investigator documented the operation’s deplorable conditions and brutal mistreatment of animals.

MFA’s hidden camera reveals:

  • Workers bludgeoning calves in their skulls with pickaxes and hammers – often involving 5 to 6 blows, sometimes more – before rendering the animals unconscious
  • Beaten calves, still alive and conscious, thrown onto dead piles
  • Workers kicking downed calves in the head, and standing on their necks and ribs
  • Calves confined to squalid hutches, thick with manure and urine buildup, and barely large enough for the calves to turn around or fully extend their legs
  • Gruesome injuries and afflictions, including open sores, swollen joints and severed hooves
  • Ill, injured and dying calves denied medical care
  • The budding horns of calves burned out their skulls without painkillers

Upon reviewing the undercover footage, Temple Grandin, PhD, animal welfare advisor to USDA, declared: “It is obvious that both the management and the employees have no regard for animal welfare.”

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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