Why is life expectancy in Sierra Leone 40 years?

I read an article with regards to how deforestation is threatening Sierra Leone’s wild chimpanzee population.  Sierra Leone chimps threatened by disappearing forest

It was then that I realized that I know nothing about Sierra Leone and what life is like for the people and/or the animals that are threatened there.  That’s when I researched and read how the life expectancy in Sierra Leone is 40 years.  A lasting feature of the war when more than 17,000 foreign troops disarmed tens of thousands of rebels and militia fighters several years ago and the country still faces the challenge of reconstruction.  This story sounds all to familiar, such as Libya, for example – the history of sanctions, war and destruction existing as us humanity.  Where we leave people to die.

In September 2010, the UN Security Council lifted the last remaining sanctions against Sierra Leone saying the government had fully re-established control over its territory. With a population of 5.7 million ( reported by the UN, 2009), how are these people suppose to survive? Most people in Sierra Leone work in the agricultural field, growing food for themselves and their country. However, there is not much good land for farming. Since Sierra Leone is on the ocean, fish is plentiful and is the main food source. Even so, Sierra Leone must import food because the food they grow isn’t enough to feed everybody. The average income of a working person in Sierra Leone per year, is about $160 to $200. The houses that are in Sierra Leone are run down and shabby.  In Sierra Leone the law does not require children to go to school, so only forty percent of the children receive an opportunity for an education.

See Video Here: taken on 17 February 2011  Why is life expectancy in Sierra Leone 40 years?

Can you imagine living in the same conditions? While around the world most of us sit in the comfort of a nice home, with food and clothes and a tv to plop ourself in front of,  how is it that we determine that it’s ok for some to suffer?  This must stop.  Stand up in support of an Equal Money System.  Where all will then receive equal support to provide for themselves, and All will be able to live a dignified life.  Where an Education and health care will be provided for all.  End suffering. End atrocity.  Give unto others as you would have given unto yourself.

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I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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