Sociological Images and how SEX Sells for Profit

Who and what, are the real products being sold for profit?  In a world where economies are down and people are struggling to survive, including the many who are starving to death – how is it that sex can sell anything?   If I can get you to feel energetically as I’m attempting to sell you something, then I can sell you just about anything.  If I can create subjectivity according to an image association within your mind, then I will eventually control you and profit from it.  If I can stimulate your desires, your most intimate thoughts, then I can make you believe you have to purchase a product that you’ve never considered purchasing before.  How? Sex.  Sex Sells anything, even in an economy that is doomed. Corporations and advertisers capitalize on sex to get our attention, because sex ads improves our purchase intent.  The goal is to sell to survive, where we don’t realize, that we are each individually the product for purchase, the ones who are really being pushed in the name of SEX SLAVES because, SEX SELLS for profit.

Sexual Messages in Advertising & Other Media

Ad selling Tango Dance Lessons

M&M’s candy are now sex objects

Vintage ad

Vintage ad from the 1970s selling tires?

Ads for hearing aids?

Newer ads with not-so-subliminal sexual content:

Ad for a film festival in Barcelona:

Ad for a bread campaign

An ad from a company of shoemakers since 1923. Ad reads: Everything a man would desire. In shoes.

Ad for alcohol

Ads for childrens toys

Get the picture? See what we are accepting and allowing? The images and the messages that we are sending out unto the world in which we are manifesting for our children,  in how we are educating them through what we accept and allow as advertising, is of sex, money, power, ego and greed.  No clear common sense and/or consideration for what is really best for all in order for mankind to exist here living a life in dignity.  Instead – we continue to support a corrupt money system which allows abuse and does not provide for all living beings.

An Equal Money System is the Solution – Where we manifest in common sense a world where all life will live in the dignity of being able to provide for themselves properly – sex will stop being sold for profit.

When we support all living beings, sex will begin to emerge as a physical expression of oneness, an orgasm in and as breath as life.

Support an Equal Money System Here

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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  2. Joanne Vanderhorst says:

    Thanks for bringing our attention to these points

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