Daughter, 19, hacks her father to death with pickaxe with mothers help to get his social security benefits

12, June 2011 – An unemployed daughter has been accused of using a pickaxe to hack her father so that she could get his social security benefits. The 19 year old is accused of carrying out the gruesome killing in Florida with the help of her mother. The mother and daughter are alleged to have plotted the murder of  the 51 year old man at his trailer home in Hawthorne, Florida.

Police said they wanted to kill the man to claim his social security benefits. Both women were unemployed and their trailer home was in the process of going into foreclosure.  Police said the daughter had offered to kill her father if her mother, who was estranged from her husband, drove her to his home.  She was dropped off at her father’s home last Wednesday night, where the pair talked for several hours.

When her father fell asleep she allegedly used a pickaxe to bludgeon him to death with a series of blows to the head and chest.  According to an arrest report when the father made some noises, his daughter continued to strike him until he was silent. The victim continued to make noise so she struck him with the axe until he was quiet to make sure he was dead, wrote the local Sheriff.  To make the murder appear to be a part of a break-in, the daughter then threw mail on the living room floor, investigators said.  She then drove back to her mother’s home in her father’s truck and destroyed other evidence from the crime scene.

The mother and daughter returned to the house the following day and called police claiming they had found the man’s body.  Police said they received a call about a medical emergency, but it was obvious the victim had been murdered.  The two were arrested a day later.

This is yet another symptom and the result of our economic system.  Our current money system actually supports abuse – where people will commit crimes they’ve never considered before because they are stressing over losing their homes and/or,  are not able to feed their children.  What else can we expect in a world where people are struggling to survive.  Stop the insanity. 

Crime will begin to diminish when stress and fear of survival ends. Support the Solution…

There is One Solution:  Investigate it Here:  Equal Money System

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I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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