Americans Get Gladiators Instead Of Jobs

Getting punched is not something most people enjoy.  Or do they?  Is boxing and/or watching people who may or may not be getting paid to punch each other, some sort of repressed sexual expression and/or consciousness mind control, mind possessions and mental in-capacities?  When mating, kangaroos fight for a mate. They do this by punching so, who knows.  One thing is certain, the suppression of humanity, is bound and deep.  The sport is taking the Western World by storm as the opponents try to destroy each other as they circle within the confines of a steel cage separating them from their many screaming fans.

Not only do the fans pack the walkways, lining up for hours to see the live brutality, there are continual events wherein the children can be brought in and taught different strategic movements so that they can train to be future fighters.  These events cater to children of both sexes of all ages where youngsters learn the art of kick and throw and various disabling movements designed to destroy one’s opponent.  It’s become so popular that Fox Sports announced a seven-year deal Thursday to televise UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in prime time, plus airing extensive programming on Fox’s cable TV channels, it is said the unannounced (hush hush) deal made by Fox is worth $100 million a year.  WTF?

So, let’s recap – there are less and less jobs available and the economy is dangling at rock bottom.  World wide starvation has reached well over a billion people.  The number of homeless is staggering.  If you count all the wars and/or as often referred to; ‘current conflicts’ where hostilities are still present, and conflicts that have ceased hostilities but are still unresolved there are approx 41.  So, how does it make sense that network corporation capitalistic vultures do a deal for 7 years for a whopping $100 million dollars per year? Oh yeah – that is our current abusive money system which values profit over human life.   We have to get a clue here!

Keep em fighting and killing each other and with all the ignorant distractions, who’ll notice and, who the hell cares.  How stupid are we because, we just continue to accept and allow the bullshit.

Stop pimping yourself out and STOP pimping our your children!  Apply some Common Sense.

Investigate Equal Money

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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