Americans Get Gladiators Instead Of Jobs

Getting punched is not something most people enjoy.  Or do they?  Is boxing and/or watching people who may or may not be getting paid to punch each other, some sort of repressed sexual expression and/or consciousness mind control, mind possessions and mental in-capacities?  When mating, kangaroos fight for a mate. They do this by punching so, who knows.  One thing is certain, the suppression of humanity, is bound and deep.  The sport is taking the Western World by storm as the opponents try to destroy each other as they circle within the confines of a steel cage separating them from their many screaming fans.

Not only do the fans pack the walkways, lining up for hours to see the live brutality, there are continual events wherein the children can be brought in and taught different strategic movements so that they can train to be future fighters.  These events cater to children of both sexes of all ages where youngsters learn the art of kick and throw and various disabling movements designed to destroy one’s opponent.  It’s become so popular that Fox Sports announced a seven-year deal Thursday to televise UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in prime time, plus airing extensive programming on Fox’s cable TV channels, it is said the unannounced (hush hush) deal made by Fox is worth $100 million a year.  WTF?

So, let’s recap – there are less and less jobs available and the economy is dangling at rock bottom.  World wide starvation has reached well over a billion people.  The number of homeless is staggering.  If you count all the wars and/or as often referred to; ‘current conflicts’ where hostilities are still present, and conflicts that have ceased hostilities but are still unresolved there are approx 41.  So, how does it make sense that network corporation capitalistic vultures do a deal for 7 years for a whopping $100 million dollars per year? Oh yeah – that is our current abusive money system which values profit over human life.   We have to get a clue here!

Keep em fighting and killing each other and with all the ignorant distractions, who’ll notice and, who the hell cares.  How stupid are we because, we just continue to accept and allow the bullshit.

Stop pimping yourself out and STOP pimping our your children!  Apply some Common Sense.

Investigate Equal Money

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Let us expound the equality and oneness point practically

1. Each human being are in a self accepted reality– thus created through certain acceptances–whether from parents, society or Anu–irrelevant–still self accepted

thus– that is not who the person is currently–but who the person accept themselves to be

2. The purpose of self honesty and self forgiveness is to move from current self accepted as preprogrammed to current self as actual self experience– this means–you are not who you are due to influence–if you where free from influence with what you now know and understand–who would you be in every breath– this is thus the finding of your location is who you are in creation–thus–establishing your starting point

this might mean many things–relationship that misguides–work–fears–what ever–the problem is–unless you locate yourself in creation as who you are now–you will have no power in your current sphere of influence–that means you will have no power in your world as defined by those in it and your daily activities and the same stuff will repeat till you had enough of your preprogrammed self acceptances–then you will start dropping and letting go until only you remain–this is your point of power in your world–then you will find yourself giving direction and sorting out your world quickly–so–if your world is not sorting out and remain the same–you haven’t got your current location within your world yet

3. Why is this important– because each that find their location–find their power and honesty and we are all equal and one to what we become or allow

so–if you are equal and one to you where you are now–no matter who or what placed you there–you are empowered to change the situation—and you will as you will not accept anything less in your world—if you accept some form of enslavement or emotional turmoil or manipulation or fear—you are not at your location within the “grid” of the placement of creation and thus the honesty and forgiveness not effective enough—easy guideline

4. Now—when you establish your location—you will without feeling—in an inner silence –direct your world and all that you defined yourself by—will disappear—and new events will step forth—each event will have two points—sometimes very tempting points—to either expand your self-expression in awareness or take you back in the same entrapment—sex, position, money, success,feelin­gs,etc is used for this

So—what to do—as you have then found your equality and oneness point—in yourself—you start moving yourself and see what you have allowed in your world as your equality—blame is useless—fixing it is all that works—so –you fix it—in every breath—till your immediate world is what you are equal and one with—and so you expand—like a Fibonacci spiral—expanding into greater influence—no-one get more influence power than based on equality and oneness as it is for all as one—the influence the world understand is dislocated and thus beings stop existing as their defined selves at death

5. What is fascinating is that within this process of locating and expanding self—you will always be equal and one with what you either become or allow

So—we are each only responsible for ourselves and according to application we will be part of the establishment of oneness as equality in creation—so—we will determine and face the truth of ourselves—alone as an inner journey we reflect outwardly in our world.

Written by Bernard Poolman

Date : 20/09/2007

Copyright 2007 This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.


Equal Money Website


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Corporate profit versus life on earth

“The last year has been especially catastrophic for life on Earth, while at the same time, corporate profits have jumped a staggering 36.8%, setting all-time records. Is this a coincidence, or are the long-term implications as sinister as they might seem?

How many disasters like the massive poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, or gushing of radiation from multiple reactor-core meltdowns in Japan can the biosphere take? Or, perhaps a more apropos question is: How much more profit will the biosphere survive?

Two things the catastrophes in the Gulf and at Fukushima have in common is that both were at the hands of corporations, and both involved extensive disinformation, misinformation, and severe suppression of information. Just like governments, which are virtually all corporate “assets,” corporations themselves shun the light of day.

Dangerous creatures, corporations, obviously one of the deadliest things ever sprouted from hell. Of course they are not creatures in any biological sense, but thanks to corporate chicanery beginning in 1886 especially, they have more rights than you do.”

Our current monetary system creates and allows capitalist abuse for profit and gain over life and must be stopped.  Support Equal Money and bring an end to abuse on Life:


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Job listings say the unemployed need not apply

Hundreds of job opening listings posted on and other jobs sites explicitly state that people who are unemployed would be less attractive applicants, with some telling the long-term unemployed to not even bother with applying.

“Even if the practice of weeding out unemployed applicants doesn’t fit the legal definition of discrimination, it sure feels unfair for the more than 6.3 million Americans who have been out of work for more than six months to be told they are automatically disqualified for the few openings that are out there. “I feel like I am being shunned by our entire society,” Kelly Wiedemer, an unemployed information technology specialist, told the Times.”

When looking at the current situation of our world, it is obvious that there will be no relief to the ever increasing problems associated with not being able to provide for ourselves and our family.  The question is:  what are we willing to give so that we are able to properly care for ourselves and our families?  Are we willing to give to all that which we ourselves require?  It is time to consider and investigate the solution.

Investigate and support Equal Money Here

Investigate and enroll in Desteni I Process Here:  Where Life Coaching also Offers an Income opportunity

Link to full article:

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while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping, 30,000 kids died of starvation and/or diseases related to malnutrition and no one give a shit – most will be more upset that I said shit than the actual number of those dieing of starvation. And people who give food and/or donate money to the poor, are called a saint.  If you ask how murder through our current money system is accepted and allowed to continue, and suggest we give all living beings equal food, water, clothes, shelter, education and healthcare, for the rest of their lives – they call you a communist.  Stop being the living example of greed.

Support Equal Money Here

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Economic slump linked with soaring suicide rates in Europe

“Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil.” – Henry Fielding
A recent study reveals the rapidity of the health consequences of financial crises.  My parents never actually spoke of and/or admitted the importance of money, though obviously I quickly learned by their behaviors and actions how important money is.  I never considered when I was younger that if I didn’t have money I would die.   Strange isn’t it, that money controls existence here on earth straight to the point of extinction.

The major causes of extinction that have occurred on earth are:

Taking Animals for Profit

Hunting and Trapping  (same as taking animals for profit)

Overharvesting  (Overharvesting occurs when a type of resource (such as a fruit, animal, plant, or mineral) is too widely consumed.  Taking away from our ecosystem for profit)

Destruction of Habitat   (Habitat destruction is the alteration of  a natural habitat to the point that it is rendered unfit to support the species dependent upon it as their home territory)

Pollution including Water Pollution  (Many toxic substances that are released inadvertently through agricultural run-off or chemicals leaching out of landfills in to wells or aquifers or in the process of waste disposal are very similar to pesticides. They have similar impacts on living systems, including the eggshell thinning in birds. PCBs have contaminated organisms from the Antarctic penguins to ourselves)

How is it that the most obvious solution is overlooked?  We are so directed according to our mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions that we becomve oblivious to how controlled we are according to money.  The fact is, humanity is having quite the impact on earth and our current money system is the root cause.

Investigate the solution and stand with us in support of earth and all life here to receive a quality of living through the Principle of Equality.
Investigate Equal Money System

Understand Stress:  Join Desteni I Process

Article in reference:

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Temple Treasure: Do gods need gold?

“Do our gods in temples, churches, mosques and other holy places of worship really need gold? Are you praying to the yellow metal or to the gods?  The wealth was amassed in at least six vaults, some of which had not been opened in 150 years.  Possibly the largest treasure ever discovered in the world.  The value consisting of thousands of kilos of gold, diamonds, gems and silver ornaments, found concealed in different cellars at Sree Padmanabha swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of South Indian state of Kerala, is estimated to cross over a mind-blowing Rs 1,00,000 ($22 billion).   Historians say that the treasure was actually public property hidden away by the erstwhile kings. Atheists and rationalists argue that the treasure could have been black wealth amassed by the kings and hidden in the temple for reasons of the peculiar security situation of those times.”

Interesting that the  temple has a total of six chambers of which each chamber is situated around 20 feet under the ground.    So to answer the question:  Do gods need gold?  Yes,  that’s what makes them appear real and powerful so then we overlook the fact that ‘monetary value’, money, according to what we’ve all accepted and allowed, is the real god of this world.  And, 150 years later, god lives on, 20 feet under the ground.   Wait, isn’t that they direction they said hell was.  

See what’s real here.

Interested in investigating the real truth about money?

Investigate Here: Support the Solution




Temple Treasure: Do gods need gold?

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