Job listings say the unemployed need not apply

Hundreds of job opening listings posted on and other jobs sites explicitly state that people who are unemployed would be less attractive applicants, with some telling the long-term unemployed to not even bother with applying.

“Even if the practice of weeding out unemployed applicants doesn’t fit the legal definition of discrimination, it sure feels unfair for the more than 6.3 million Americans who have been out of work for more than six months to be told they are automatically disqualified for the few openings that are out there. “I feel like I am being shunned by our entire society,” Kelly Wiedemer, an unemployed information technology specialist, told the Times.”

When looking at the current situation of our world, it is obvious that there will be no relief to the ever increasing problems associated with not being able to provide for ourselves and our family.  The question is:  what are we willing to give so that we are able to properly care for ourselves and our families?  Are we willing to give to all that which we ourselves require?  It is time to consider and investigate the solution.

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while you were sleeping

While you were sleeping, 30,000 kids died of starvation and/or diseases related to malnutrition and no one give a shit – most will be more upset that I said shit than the actual number of those dieing of starvation. And people who give food and/or donate money to the poor, are called a saint.  If you ask how murder through our current money system is accepted and allowed to continue, and suggest we give all living beings equal food, water, clothes, shelter, education and healthcare, for the rest of their lives – they call you a communist.  Stop being the living example of greed.

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Economic slump linked with soaring suicide rates in Europe

“Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil.” – Henry Fielding
A recent study reveals the rapidity of the health consequences of financial crises.  My parents never actually spoke of and/or admitted the importance of money, though obviously I quickly learned by their behaviors and actions how important money is.  I never considered when I was younger that if I didn’t have money I would die.   Strange isn’t it, that money controls existence here on earth straight to the point of extinction.

The major causes of extinction that have occurred on earth are:

Taking Animals for Profit

Hunting and Trapping  (same as taking animals for profit)

Overharvesting  (Overharvesting occurs when a type of resource (such as a fruit, animal, plant, or mineral) is too widely consumed.  Taking away from our ecosystem for profit)

Destruction of Habitat   (Habitat destruction is the alteration of  a natural habitat to the point that it is rendered unfit to support the species dependent upon it as their home territory)

Pollution including Water Pollution  (Many toxic substances that are released inadvertently through agricultural run-off or chemicals leaching out of landfills in to wells or aquifers or in the process of waste disposal are very similar to pesticides. They have similar impacts on living systems, including the eggshell thinning in birds. PCBs have contaminated organisms from the Antarctic penguins to ourselves)

How is it that the most obvious solution is overlooked?  We are so directed according to our mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions that we becomve oblivious to how controlled we are according to money.  The fact is, humanity is having quite the impact on earth and our current money system is the root cause.

Investigate the solution and stand with us in support of earth and all life here to receive a quality of living through the Principle of Equality.
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Temple Treasure: Do gods need gold?

“Do our gods in temples, churches, mosques and other holy places of worship really need gold? Are you praying to the yellow metal or to the gods?  The wealth was amassed in at least six vaults, some of which had not been opened in 150 years.  Possibly the largest treasure ever discovered in the world.  The value consisting of thousands of kilos of gold, diamonds, gems and silver ornaments, found concealed in different cellars at Sree Padmanabha swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of South Indian state of Kerala, is estimated to cross over a mind-blowing Rs 1,00,000 ($22 billion).   Historians say that the treasure was actually public property hidden away by the erstwhile kings. Atheists and rationalists argue that the treasure could have been black wealth amassed by the kings and hidden in the temple for reasons of the peculiar security situation of those times.”

Interesting that the  temple has a total of six chambers of which each chamber is situated around 20 feet under the ground.    So to answer the question:  Do gods need gold?  Yes,  that’s what makes them appear real and powerful so then we overlook the fact that ‘monetary value’, money, according to what we’ve all accepted and allowed, is the real god of this world.  And, 150 years later, god lives on, 20 feet under the ground.   Wait, isn’t that they direction they said hell was.  

See what’s real here.

Interested in investigating the real truth about money?

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Temple Treasure: Do gods need gold?

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U.S. must hike debt limit soon to avoid “shock”: IMF

The debt ceiling is a cap set by Congress according to the amount of debt the federal government can legally borrow and it applies to debt owed to the public (i.e., anyone who buys U.S. bonds) plus debt owed to federal government trust funds such as those for Social Security and Medicare.

The first limit was set in 1917 and it was set at $11.5 billion and Congress had to sign off every time the federal government issued debt.

So, here we are, June of 2011, on notice, that The Treasury Department has warned that the government will begin defaulting on its obligations of the current USD 14.3 trillion if the debt ceiling is not raised by the 2nd of Aug, 2011.  And they say, if for the first time the US cannot pay its bills, if it defaults, then the consequences for the U.S. economy will be significant and unpredictable. The situation is that, social security payments to millions of retirees and people with disabilities could be threatened if Congress can’t agree to increase the government’s debt limit by Aug. 2.

There are more of us who are not, than those who are filthy rich,  and we’re not surprised by this ‘sudden’ announcement.  Many are already living the consequences and significant unpredictable and undesirable experiences of attempting to survive in the U.S. economy as well as within every economy, in every country around our world.
We’re on repeat here folks because, did you know that since March of 1962, the debt ceiling has been raised 74 times, according to the Congressional Research Service. Ten of those times have occurred since 2001.  And, how many times has our personal ‘debt limit’ ceiling been raised?  Never.

Scare tactic or not, expect more of the same bullshit to continue until all hell breaks loose – and it will. Shall we each sit by and pretend we aren’t able to stop this when we are the ones who are accepting and allowing it?

Fear is already here and is happening so what else is there to fear?

The solution is, that we stand up together as one.  We all stand in support of stopping.

We face our fears, we stand as one vote in support of an Equal Money System.

Common sense is required.  We don’t have time to be greedy because play time is over…
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West Texas oil industry suffers case of reptile dysfunction

And God Created Lizards – Is this an example of our nature as possible extinction, just like the dinosaurs? Maybe God created the lizard as an example of humans manipulative nature in how we have manipulated ourselves into accepting and allowing our current money system to such a degree that we value profit over the life of living beings. Is God purely Evil?

Ironic isn’t it – God created the dunes sagebrush Lizard and now God wants to remove the lizard, or else that will mean higher gas prices and shrinking dollars for schools and more than 27,000 jobs would be threatened if the little lizard makes the list of the most endangered species.  If these little guys could be bred for profit, this story would  not be news worthy.

Maybe God created the dunes sagebrush lizard as an example of humans manipulative nature in how we have manipulated ourselves into accepting and allowing our current money system to such a degree that we value profit over the life of a living being.  This is a perfect example of our nature where we won’t consider how another living being is experiencing themselves so long as we are provided for.  What are we gonna do when some major corporation comes along to scoop us out of our home environment by destroying the land where it’s no longer fit to produce food and resources to provide us the ability to survive?

There is a solution to the madness here and that is an Equal Money System – which will provide a New Economic System – an Eco System supportive of all Life Equally.  Every single living being will be provided for.  That’s the solution – Equal Money.

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Wal Mart to Big for their Britches?

News: The top news story: 20, June, 2011: Wal-Mart “too big” to be sued? A class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart filed by approximately 1.5 million female employees receives verdict today from the Supreme Court. Hear what determined the verdict here. The U.S. Supreme Court has created a new protected class – A “Too Big for Justice” classification for corporations. You can not have a discriminated class/group action suit filed without a written policy of discrimination? If your employed, this is important to educate yourself about. What is your perspective with regards to how our current capitalistic money system protects corporations/ profit over life?  The Solution is Desteni I Process & Equal Money.

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Wife’s Cancer Lands Husband On Unemployment

14, June 2011 – BOSTON — A Natick man, an accountant who received a raise in November for a job well done with a company that he had been employed by for more than 13 years, was recently laid off after his wife of 23 years received a life-altering diagnosis.  His wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and faced the possibility that they may have only a few months left together.  With the tests and constant treatments that his wife was receiving he knew he would need to be at her bedside during his normal work hours.  When he asked his boss for a flexible schedule – offering to work nights and week-ends – his employer of nearly 14 years – ‘Haynes Management Inc, of  Wellesley Hills., MA’, terminated him.  His employer is quoted saying: ‘It’s business. I’m running a company here, and I need to make sure the department runs.’

Haynes is a real estate management company in Wellesley. It’s a small office employing fewer than 50 people — so neither state nor federal employment laws apply. There is little Carl can do — other than collect unemployment. Unemployment — they cap you at $625 a week,” the former employee Carl Sorabella said.  The average salary of an accountant is approximately $50,000 a year.  There are many who are barely surviving on less than a dollar a day, so to them $625 would be better than they are existing on.  This form of  existing debilitates – instead of allowing one to become self- responsible.

What options do people really have when they have no money?  When money/profit surpasses the value we place upon life.  Homelessness, poverty, starvation, wars and crime are the examples of what ‘happens’.   It’s become rather odd that we as humanity haven’t seen the absurdity in our actions within what we have accepted and allowed humanity to become – willing abusers towards life.   Join us as we bring forth ‘Heaven to Earth’.

In an ‘Equal Money System’, all life will be valued and supported equally. Common sense and respect of life will be honored and applied.  Where all will stand as one and one will stand as all as one as equal.  1+1=2

Investigate Equal Money Here:

Read more:  Wife’s Cancer Lands Husband On Unemployment

Wife’s Cancer Lands Husband On Unemployment

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Daughter, 19, hacks her father to death with pickaxe with mothers help to get his social security benefits

12, June 2011 – An unemployed daughter has been accused of using a pickaxe to hack her father so that she could get his social security benefits. The 19 year old is accused of carrying out the gruesome killing in Florida with the help of her mother. The mother and daughter are alleged to have plotted the murder of  the 51 year old man at his trailer home in Hawthorne, Florida.

Police said they wanted to kill the man to claim his social security benefits. Both women were unemployed and their trailer home was in the process of going into foreclosure.  Police said the daughter had offered to kill her father if her mother, who was estranged from her husband, drove her to his home.  She was dropped off at her father’s home last Wednesday night, where the pair talked for several hours.

When her father fell asleep she allegedly used a pickaxe to bludgeon him to death with a series of blows to the head and chest.  According to an arrest report when the father made some noises, his daughter continued to strike him until he was silent. The victim continued to make noise so she struck him with the axe until he was quiet to make sure he was dead, wrote the local Sheriff.  To make the murder appear to be a part of a break-in, the daughter then threw mail on the living room floor, investigators said.  She then drove back to her mother’s home in her father’s truck and destroyed other evidence from the crime scene.

The mother and daughter returned to the house the following day and called police claiming they had found the man’s body.  Police said they received a call about a medical emergency, but it was obvious the victim had been murdered.  The two were arrested a day later.

This is yet another symptom and the result of our economic system.  Our current money system actually supports abuse – where people will commit crimes they’ve never considered before because they are stressing over losing their homes and/or,  are not able to feed their children.  What else can we expect in a world where people are struggling to survive.  Stop the insanity. 

Crime will begin to diminish when stress and fear of survival ends. Support the Solution…

There is One Solution:  Investigate it Here:  Equal Money System

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Subway Employee Sold Weed With Foot Longs

“Extra meat” was code word for a dime bag full of weed.  Customers wanting a little extra green on the side would place $10 in the tip jar and the South Florida sandwich maker who is accused of helping some customers eat and smoke fresh would slip the weed in the sandwich bag, according to the police report.

Undercover cops used the code word twice last month and each time came away with a footlong and some drugs.  The now former employee is being held on $55,000 bond and cannot afford an attorney.  The woman, who’s 47, is now facing several drug charges. Did she really cause $55,000 + in damages?

I don’t support what she participated in, nor her level of lack of self-responsibility but,  she was selling to willing and paying participants wishing to escape into numbness, while she was selling because she needed money.  We continue to accept and allow  our current money system to suck the blood right out of us.  People are merely trying to survive their worst fears of being homeless, without food and/or starving to death.  She will more than likely spend a substantial amount of time in jail due to her lack of money to pay her fines for the charges of her actions, which began because of her lack of money.

How far will you go for money?  Our current money system pushes us up against each other in a battle cheek to cheek.  Lets stop.  Equal Money is simple when we drop our beliefs of how money is suppose to ‘treat’ us.

Stand up as one vote for Equal Money.   Pave the way in beginning to support everyone,  today, until the day arrives when we each one realize we are one and equal to and towards all living beings.

Stop the real crook, our current money system

Support Equal Money Here


Subway Employee Sold Weed With Food Longs



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