Chinese teen reportedly sells kidney to buy Apple iPad 2

Would you sell your kidney and or a body part for money?   The extreme quest for the latest in Apple technology has resulted in at least one known 17 year old teen with one less kidney.  He’s said he wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it.  Then when a broker contacted him on the Internet that said he could help him sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan [roughly $3,084.45], he went for it.

After learning what he did, his mother went straight to the police, who so far have been unable to track down the organ broker, the reports said.

However, police have learned that the hospital where the teen had his kidney taken out was not qualified to perform organ transplants. The hospital claimed they had no idea about the teens surgery because the department that did the surgery had been contracted to a Fujian businessman. An organ broker, just one of many type of brokers existing to make money through multiple different types of human and animal trafficking.

The first thing one thinks of is, how about we pose as someone similar to this teen and, try and catch the broker who made the offer, but, then what? There is always someone else who is attempting to do similar for the sake of requiring, desiring, suffering and/or just addicted to money.  A permanent solution is required.

This is a reflection upon all of us and the question we must ask ourselves is what are the social implications, what does this say about our world that doesn’t allow all equal ability to have as another has?

How have we presented ourselves to be where our children are becoming  the living example of us according to what we accept and allow?  Do we even understand what that question implies and challenges us to ask ourself?

As a society, we judge the actions of our children as adult in nature and that’s exactly how it is.  Face yourself, face your world and stop supporting our current money system which is the ultimate betrayal and does not support all of  life.

Support an Equal Money System.  Stand as One Vote so we can begin a starting point in reversing the affects of neglect we’ve imposed upon all living beings.  We have to Stand up for something instead of just ourself.  We must begin to support a system that supports all life else our children won’t live to have one.

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Chinese teen reportedly sells kidney to buy Apple iPad 2

About The Solution is Always Equality

I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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