‘I lost my moral compass’: how a young US soldier triggered an abuse scandal in Afghanistan

From the article:
Friday, 25 March 2011
Smiling as he leaned over the young man’s body, and using one hand to present his bloodied face to the camera, Corporal Jeremy Morlock celebrated the murder of an innocent Afghan civilian as if he had just bagged a magisterial moose from the wilds of his native Alaska.

Photos of the 23-year-old soldier treating a human being as if he were some sort of hunting trophy shocked the world when they were published last week by the German news magazine Der Spiegel. Even the US Army, an organisation not usually given to grovelling apology, described the images as “repugnant”.

On Wednesday, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Seattle in Washington State, Morlock was sentenced to 24 years in a military prison, after pleading guilty to being part of a “kill squad” of junior soldiers who randomly murdered three unarmed locals, for sport, during a 12-month tour of Kandahar province, which ended last spring.
The relatively light sentence followed a plea bargain that will soon see Morlock give evidence against four comrades who are also accused of taking part in the murders. In exchange for evidence about how the group “waxed” victims (an expression used in his interviews with prosecutors) he should be eligible for parole some time around his 30th birthday….

Further into the article the mother of the man charged is quoted as saying:

“I believe he was taking orders from somebody else.  I believe there are higher up people involved, and these guys are the scapegoats for the whole thing… It’s not only his unit [involved in criminal activity], there’s all kinds of stuff going on over there… No one will ever understand what happens in a war zone unless you’re there.”

The question is,  when will we All become accountable and self-responsible for all the bullshit we accept and allow in this world?  The world is a clear indication of the ‘morals’ we have become.  Moral acts as this are justified daily in the name of money, profit, ego and greed.  While we hide in a belief that we are protecting a way of life.  Seriously – have you seen the way of life we’re protecting?   What are we fighting for?

The only thing we’re protecting is a system which has failed All life by way of our Current Money System.  When we stand in support of an Equal Money System and support All life Equally – abuse will stop.  Then we can redefine and determine the meaning of ‘morals’.  You have a voice, apply yourself and become One Vote for an Equal Money System and World Equality.

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I am here standing in support of an Equal Money System. For All Life Equally - From Birth til Death All as One as Equal
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